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December 27, 2012

Lego Monsters!! Vampyre Hearse Frankenstein and a Werewolf on Wheels

I’ve never invested time and money in Lego’s before. I was always busy buying other action figures and toys. That changed this year with the introduction of Lego Monster Fighters!

I must confess, I have paid very little attention to the “goodguys”. I know they are in the box and come with the other characters… but really, I’m buying it for the awesome classic monsters.

To think Lego actually made a Hearse?! Blows my mind. And a hotrod vampire hearse?! Someone pinch me.

I’ll probably be posting more of these images over the year as I’m gonna get my hands on more sets and make a custom piece to display them all on. But for now please enjoy.

You can find all the toys here at the official store… and yes, they make a haunted mansion.

Dusting off the casket

Frankie’s Hot Rod!


It’s a monster party!

Lego Werewolves on Wheels!

“Hey buddy, wanna ride?”

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